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Donna, Rob and Chisum



When we completed the training sessions with Dom we did not fully realize what we had accomplished. The training is not only remarkable for both the dog and owner, but it allows   their relationship to reach its’ full potential. Dom does this without breaking the spirit of the dog in a very positive manner. If anyone has any doubts with Dom’s training methods they should really experience what happens on the last Saturday of each month.  When the dogs are lined up and Dom greets every dog; and the dogs greet Dom, that picture is worth a million words!! Chisum is a true member of our family and it is so enjoyable and rewarding that he is able to partake in so many experiences of our life since he is so well trained.

Here Are Some of Our Earliest Graduates


One of our first graduating classes.

All of our finished dogs are reliable off leash under heavy distraction.  We can take them anywhere dogs are welcome.  They are a joy.

From left to right:  Pua, Casey, Layla, Dewey, and Sonny

The Dilberts


Oscar and Lucas are both rescue dogs that were never properly potty trained.  We thought we were doing everything right but between the “accidents” and having to constantly watch their every move, we were stressed out.  Finally, we decided we needed a professional to come and help us  With just a couple of one-on-one sessions, Dominic helped us potty train Oscar and Lucas! He also taught us how to properly administer the “No” correction and he taught us a “Wait” command that has made it so much easier when friends come to visit.  I can’t tell you what a difference his training has made for us. Now we can all enjoy our home and each other just like it’s supposed to be.  We’ve already talked to him about coming back to help us leash train our third dog Floyd.

Many thanks,  Carol & Dan Dilbert