All our programs are in-home or at a nearby park. Sessions are held once a week for one hour. You also need to make a commitment of two fifteen-minute sessions a day. This combination will guarantee results. Our programs are for all breeds and ages as no dog is too young or too old to benefit from training. We deal with all behavior problems including (but not limited to) aggression, shyness, separation fear, housebreaking, chewing, jumping, barking and socialization.


This six-week on-leash program teaches the following commands: sit, sit-stay, heel with an automatic sit, down, down-stay, come, wait and “No”. In addition to the above commands, this program addresses any and all behavior problems your dog may be experiencing.


This four week program takes your dog off-leash for all commands. Your dog will reliably be able to heel, sit, stay, down and come, regardless of distractions the first time you tell them. You will be able to take your dog with you wherever dogs are welcome.


This group class is offered once a month to all dogs who have completed the advanced program. This allows you and your dog to stay up on your skills. It also gives your dog opportunities to work on big distractions as well as opportunities to socialize. This program is included at no extra charge.


Puppies can start as early as 7 weeks and the program lasts 1-2 sessions. The emphasis is to make sure your puppy starts out the right way, concentrating on early socialization, preventative work and addressing all puppy problems.